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Domestic Partnerships: Oregon Domestic Partnership

If a couple lives together, they form a legal relationship. This realization can sometimes be a rude awakening if you face what looks like a divorce after only a few months' time. If you are facing domestic partnership issues, or you wish to form one, contact attorney Daniel Van Eaton to resolve your legal issues.

Forming a Domestic Partnership

Whether you are a gay couple, or a straight couple that does not wish to marry, there are steps you can take to protect your legal rights. If you are going to live together, you should put an agreement in writing. A co-habitation agreement can clarify the contract between you. Most people leave their domestic partnership agreements unwritten, which leaves the agreement more open to misinterpretation by the two parties and the court.

Dissolving a Domestic Partnership

If there is a domestic partnership agreement, the dissolution will follow the terms of the contract. If there is no written contract, it is more difficult to establish the existence of a domestic partnership. The court will look for other indications that the partnership existed. Indications can include any assets and property held in common, as well as any indication that the couple held themselves out as a partnership or married couple.

Even though there was no official marriage there may still be property division, custody/parenting time, and child support issues.

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