Alternate Dispute Resolution

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Divorce is stressful, both emotionally and financially. The attorneys at Lewis, Warren & Setzer have litigated numerous family law cases, and have seen the toll that it takes on clients. Often parties are confused and unhappy with how the court rules in a case. This can happen because a judge only learns about you and your family through pleadings and oral argument. The courts are overloaded with cases, and there is not enough time for judges to give each case the attention it deserves.

Family Law Mediation

The attorneys at Lewis, Warren & Setzer can help couples resolve difficult family law issues peacefully, as an alternative to traditional litigation. In Mediation and Collaborative Divorce, the parties are able to control the outcome of their case in a manner that is much more effective, both emotionally and financially.

The attorneys at Lewis, Warren & Setzer can assist clients in two ways in the Mediation process. Ms. Lewis, Ms. Warren and Ms. Setzer can act as a neutral mediator where they work directly with you and your spouse in a private and peaceful setting to resolve your disputes. Mediation provides you with control over all aspects of your case, including the cost of getting divorced. The attorneys at Lewis, Warren & Setzer have years of experience mediating cases, and have successfully settled even the most complex of cases.

Another role we often play in the Mediation process is to work as consulting attorneys when a party is going through Family Law Mediation with another mediator. We function as an advocate while you are in Mediation to ensure that you understand the agreements that you arrive at with your spouse.

Collaborative Divorce

Another form of Family Law Alternate Dispute Resolution is Collaborative Divorce. Ms. Lewis, Ms. Warren and Ms. Setzer are certified Collaborative Divorce Professionals. During the Collaborative process, a couple works with a Collaborative Divorce team to resolve their differences. Each party is represented by a collaboratively trained family law attorney, and everyone signs an agreement to not resort to traditional litigation. Financial specialists, divorce coaches and child and family therapists can also be part of the Collaborative Divorce Team. These professionals are collaboratively trained as well, so everyone has the same goal- to amicably settle the case and avoid the emotional upheaval of litigation. The total expense of a Collaborative Divorce is usually significantly less than traditional litigation.

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